This is the blog of the Vision of the Arts Fund.

Inspired by a speech from President Spencer W. Kimball, Deseret Book held their first Gospel Vision of the Arts Scholarship auction in 2012. The auction successfully raised scholarship funds for emerging LDS artists. A second auction the following year continued to build momentum for the program. Deseret Book subsequently chose to cease sponsorship of the auction. Wanting to see the program continue, a group of interested individuals met to establish the Vision of the Arts Fund, which is an independent non-profit organization, not directly affiliated with either Deseret Book nor the LDS church.

Goals of the Vision of the Arts Fund include:

1. Continuing and growing the Gospel Vision of the Arts Scholarship auction.

2. Continuing to Provide scholarships to emerging LDS artists.

3. Establishing a residency program.

4. Providing grants to young mother artists.

5. Providing grants for the creation of significant works by mid to late career artists.